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Successful Peruvian delegation in China

Experiences evolve into maturity and there was no greater experience than Montessori Model United Nations (MMUN) Hangzhou Conference. After journeying across the Pacific to Shanghai, students and teachers were exposed to the rich Chinese culture through visiting a Buddhist temple, walking The Bund, exploring the People’s Museum, tasting different dishes, gazing from atop the Shanghai Tower, and enjoying Disneyland.

After relocating to Hangzhou, the work really began with the opening ceremony where we were indulged with traditional and experimental music and dance.  With opening speeches, every delegate made his position known while giving possible solutions.  Our boys stood their ground.  You could then hear the commotion as all delegates moved into different groups where they would eventually come together as one sharing ideas to create a cooperative and collaborative resolution.  And because of this experience, they grew more confident in themselves.

Thank you, China!  Xie Xie!

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