Tuition and Payment

Colgio Alpamayo pension cost 2021

Grade Monthly pension amount
then discount
during the period
virtual 2021:
March July
Base pension amount
monthly applicable to
Face-to-face modality
2021 (**):
August December
Elementary (De 1° a  5° Grado) S/. 2,130.00 S/. 2,430.00
Middle School (De 6° a 8° Grado) S/. 2,250.00 S/. 2,430.00
High School (9° a 11° Grado) S/. 2,290.00 S/. 2,480.00
(**) The monthly base pension for the face-to-face mode 2021 is the same as that applied by the College for the start of the 2020 school year.

Current Tuition and Payment Structure 2021

Ten pensions to pay at the end of the month of the educational service, until the last useful  weekday of the month, until 5:00 p.m.

Tuition (*)

  Grade Amount
1 & 2 years old   S/. 1,200.00
Nursery   S/. 1,810.00
PreKinder   S/. 1,870.00
  Kinder   S/. 2,430.00
Elementary & Middle School (1st to 8th Grade)   S/. 2,430.00
High School (9° a 11° Grade) S/. 2,480.00

NOTE: The tuition does not include lunch.

Enrollment (**)

According to enrollment schedule before the start of classes.

  Grade   Amount
1 & 2 years old   S/. 1,200.00
  Nursery S/. 1,810.00
PreKinder   S/. 1,870.00
Kinder   S/. 2,430.00
Elementary & Middle School (De 1° a 8° Grade)   S/. 2,430.00
  High Schiool (9° a 11° Grade)   S/. 2,480.00

(**) The Enrollment payment is a necessary condition to reserve the student’s place for the school year.

Enrollment fee:

  Amount   Grade
  S/. 23,280.00 (100%)  From Nursery to 2nd Grade
  S/. 17,460.00 (75%) From 3° Grado to 6° Grade
  S/. 10,476.00 (45%) < From 7° Grado to 11° Grade
Enrollment Fee Discounts:
Alumni schools COFAM: 50% of the quoted enrollment fee
Graduated from the University of Piura and PAD programs: 20% discount
Workers of the University of Piura: 20% discount
Schools application of the University of Piura or Prodec: 20% discount
Third child in schools COFAM: 50% discount
4th child or more at COFAM schools Exempted

(***) The vacancy reservation is made with the payment of the Entrance Fee.

Lunch Service:
From 1st grade to 11th grade S/. 14.00 per day (monthly payment x school days)

The school lunch includes a midday lunch and a snack during that first recess that consists of a drink with a nutritious snack (sandwich, pizzeta, cereals, or similar items). Since the lunch service is optional, the cost may be adjusted if need be. All adjustments to the total cost will be communicated to the families with 30 days warning.

Schedule School Schedule Extracurricular Activities
1st to 11th grade 07:45 am to 3:40 pm 4:45 pm

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