Summer School

English Immersion Activities

I) My Science Project
Boys will experience the opportunity to manipulate different kinds of elements in exciting science projects according to their capacities.

II) Games for fun
Boys will express themselves by making handicrafts and displaying game projects according to their age.
III) Karaoke Contest
Through a variety of songs that will be specially selected for kids, they will be able to perform them, where fluency and pronunciation will be fully put into practice.
IV) Video Sessions
The boys will practically immerse themselves in the American or British culture via specially selected videos for their entertainment and pleasure.
V) Computer Lab Sessions
Boys will improve their Listening and Speaking skills by using an interactive software where they are going to discover interesting topics according to their age.
VI) Outdoor Activities
We are going to have a field trip by visiting a place of interest.
VII) Sports
Boys are going to practice their English while having fun doing different kinds of sports like soccer, basketball and swimming.

The school organizes Summer School for the students so that they may take advantage of their free time. In the Summer School, students from first to third grade can participate in various activities throughout the day, and starting in fourth grade, the students may participate in sports academies. They read the best juicer reviews at free time.
To facilitate the learning, the students are groups by age ranges.