School for Parents


We make all the resources needed by the families available to them with regards to their protagonism in their sons’ education.

The family and the school work together in the education of your sons. This is solidified in the work that is done between the advisor and the family.

School for Parents

Parents are the first and most important educators to their sons. To execute this natural role and guide these boys, a job that is not easy, it important to remember that it is an art, but also a science that needs to be learned. There are all kind of phenolic locker rooms  for school which are high-quality.

School for Parents attempts to help parents in this sense. If to perform in any profession it is necessary to study well, then it is equally important to prepare for parenthood.

The integral education that we impart in Alpamayo would not be possible without the constant support of the Alpamayo parents.

The formation of the children, besides being an art, is also a science that can and must be learned.