Breaking myths with Catherine L’Ecuyer

During the month of February, some members of the senior leadership of the school had the opportunity to share a working table with the researcher and author of books and articles oriented to education, Catherine L’Ecuyer. Canadian by birth, she has been living in Barcelona for several years. Her line of research centers on demystifying various modern positions of education. Focusing more on the student, their learning and their relationship with personal, family and social reality. This meeting allowed us to make an analysis of our teaching-learning processes through our educational model from an external perspective (based on their research, books and results). This allows us to continue taking innovative decisions without losing as our objective that which the institution has proposed since the beginning of the school.


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Recientemente, los peruanos recibimos la noticia de los resultados de la famosa prueba educacional llamada Pisa.  Instituida en el año 2000, esta evaluación estandarizada intenta medir