Educational principles

Respect for the dignity of the individual

Each student is considered a unique, unrepeatable person endowed the most exalted dignity. He is free, improvable by nature, and with a uniqueness that we have to recognize. We recognize man as God’s creation, the source of that dignity, who has made us rational and free, able to choose our purpose and live cooperatively with our fellow man.

Influence of the Parents

We recognize the family as a natural center of education for human virtues and the parents as the most responsible members of a student’s education. So that the parents can better execute that influence, the school collaborates with the parents, offering them formation and guidance. Furthermore, we promote the active participation of parents in school life. 

Aspiration for the job well done

Every human being is called to the pursuit of personal excellence, to fulfill his full potential. In Alpamayo, we seek to provide the means to materialize this aspiration into tangible actions, expressed in everyday life, because only a job well done educates.

Educating in Freedom

In Alpamayo, we want our students to have the ability to decide for themselves. Educating in freedom means to promote opportunities for students to learn to make decisions based on sound criteria. They are developing their autonomy by assuming responsibilities, assignments, leading activities, and, above all, making choices throughout their educational life.

The Spirit of Service

​Colegio Alpamayo seeks in every moment to shape men of good judgment who understand their mission to serve society, contributing to the culture learned throughout their school life and the wealth of noble ideals. We educate men who are sensitive to the needs of their surroundings, always ready to actively contribute to improving or solving the problems of our society. This is not just to provide welfare, but rather the realization of a willingness to help others, manifested in courtesy, good treatment, generosity, solidarity, and dedication.

Unity of Life

We educate our students to be capable of performing in every aspect of their lives – professional, familial, social, and spiritual – in a coherent, assertive, and independent way, following their convictions.  The unity of life implies a constant effort that our students will always be ready to assume. 


Our students are interested in the world and its cultures. They evaluate the motives and diversity raised by human interaction, trying to understand how to make use of this information in their own education.

Learning to Learn

Our students are trained in different strategies and learning skills as a way to achieve full educational autonomy and a love of learning. This perspective is situated within the transdisciplinary curriculum in such a way that in every moment, our students are learning to learn.

Every human being is called to the pursuit of personal excellence, to fulfill his full potential