Bilingual Education


In teaching the English language, we take great care in recognizing the sensitive periods of language learning in the early years; this is why would put special emphasis in PreSchool and Primary, the stages in which the second language learning is more effectively consolidated. We use an active and communicative approach. For this effect, we have an incredible faculty in the English department—of which 50% are native speakers—and the use of our language lab.

Plan de Estudios

University of Cambridge Certificates:
  • Since 1998, we have been preparing our students for the English examinations by the University of Cambridge. We are also a testing center for those exams. 
  • By the end of Primary, we have our kids tested in the Key English Test (KET).
  • In 8th grade (Secondary), the Preliminary English Test (PET).
  • In 10th grade (Secondary), the First Certificate in English (FCE).

International Exchanges

Starting in 6th grade, our students have the option of traveling to Ireland to be a part of an Exchange program with the Rockbrook International.

Between 7th and 10th grade, our students have a chance to do an exchange program with Northridge Prep School in Chicago, Illinois. They enroll as students in this school for a period of 5 weeks and live the life of a Northridge student. This trips serves to enforce the values that our families want to instill in their sons, and gives the boys a chance to become more independent while practicing their English.