Admissions Process

First Interview

The parents or power of attorney of the future applicants that wish to know more about our educational proposal shall request a meeting with the Head of Admission, Mrs. Carmen Rosa Piedra de Malca by telephone: 349 0111 annex 14 or by email:

If you would like to download an Admission Request form, click here.

Evaluation of the File

The admission process to Early Years is governed by the respective Directiva that regulates said process.


The applicant’s admission is subject to the number of vacancies available. In the event that the number of applicants, those that fulfil all of the indicated criteria, exceed the number of available vacancies, the requests will be added to the wait list. 


The results of the admission process will be given to the applicants’ parents or power of attorney by telephone. The admission process has one aim, which is to inform the family of the decision to admit, wait list, or deny admission. It is not our position to grant a reevaluation or give any other type of information. 

Accepting a Vacancy

To properly reserve the vacancy, the parents or power of attorney must present, in a period of no more than five (5) days after granted admission:
  • Photocopy of the receipt of payment for the enrollment fee.

  • All requested documents from the initial stage of the process.

  • Six ID size color photos of the applicant.

Enrollment Information

The parents will be sent, by email or postal mail, information about enrollment. This information may also by picked up from the school after December 15.

Our school does not do student evaluations for applicants applying to Early Years or first grade.