AlpaMUN 2019 was an amazing educational experience

AlpaMUN 2019 was organised by students and teachers who are passionate about building a better world through learning about the real work of the UN. Near 210 future leaders of the world coming from 9 different schools, met at AlpaMUN 2019 and discussed world issues playing the roles of ambassadors.

All 6 committees that we offered were Chaired by MMUN trained educators or Junior MMUN Bureau members making this conference a closer experience to those of MMUN. Congratulations to Mr. Ebert Coronado Secretary General and his team of AlpaMUNers and teachers like Mr. Marco Bauer, Mr. Harvey Gidman, Mr. Dennis Bock, Mr. Antonio Pinedo, Mr. Cesar Orosco and special thanks to Mr. Julian Walter (Cambridge College) and Ms. Cecilia Torres (Colegio Salcantay) AlpaMUN 2019 was an example of the job well done. We hope to see you all back at AlpaMUN 2020!


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PUCP Excelence

That is the slogan our former students has made theirs and use it a way of living. A proof of that are the different acknowledgments