Peru in the Heart of Alpamayo

Our 8th Grade students visited Ayacucho; they got to know Pikimachay, visited Huanta, enjoyed the typical dances of the region and learned the art of traditional masonry of Huamanga from the best artisans of Ayacucho.  Also, they visited Wari and the Pampas Historic Sanctuary, the place where the Battle of Ayacucho occurred, which sealed the independence of Peru.  Our students live what they study in class and learn following strict study guides that they work out during the trip.

Our Grade 7 students lived the experience of studying the Peruvian coast. They visited Ica, Nasca and Paracas. They got to know Huacachina and were able to surf on the sand. They discovered the process of how local crafts are made and learned to cobble with the Ballumbrosio Brothers.
Tarapoto received our students from Grade 9 with a refreshing rain.  We visited Lamas, Moyobamba, Rioja; we made it through the overwhelming Huallaga River in a pontoon and arrived at the Blue Lagoon.  To know the culture, its dances, the flora and fauna, and what’s more, the delicious food, was extraordinary.


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