A Triumphant Year in ADECOPA

In the last assembly for the XXVI Prom, held on Monday, December 2nd, a series of events and acknowledgements were bestowed on our students of the graduating class and the different grades:
The Guard of the XXVI Graduating Class handed over the responsibility to the Guard of the XXVII Graduating Class, a civic event full of patriotism and affection due to the families of the guard being there.
We had two speeches from 11th Grade students.  One from Gonzalo Pastor, as a member of the Guard, directing his message to all students and the other a presentation of special sporting recognition to the Alpamayo sports teams of the category 11 years old who participated for the first time in the ADECOPA championship by Joaquin Dibos.  
After the speech, the football and basketball teams of this category were recognized for reaching the championship this year.


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PUCP Excelence

That is the slogan our former students has made theirs and use it a way of living. A proof of that are the different acknowledgments